Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 8th, 2009

Dunkelschön: Tusselullagulla
Annwn: Ay Linda Amiga
Värttinä: Lieto
Castus: Fifteen Men
Hop-Frog Drum Jester Devotional: Love in a Minefield
Fjernlys: Nocturnal Wine
Zilverhill: Corner Stone
Lux Interna: The Parting Song
Once a Barge: Kristall
In Scherben: Spiegel
Solblot: Medborgarsång
Mental Plastic Body Filler: Annoy Me Till I'm Happy
Genocide Lolita: Sharp Shooters
Die Weisse Rose: Nicht Schuldig

~~~~ Interview with Thomas Bojden of DIE WEISSE ROSE ~~~~~

Die Weisse Rose: At the Doorsteps of Our Temple
Blood Axis: The Gospel of Inhumanity
Laibach: F.I.A.T.
Phragments: Non Serviam
Error Genetico: At the Mountains of Madness
Voice of Eye: Succumb
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: The Touch and the Darkness

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