Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 29th, 2009

Disciplina de Exterminio: Caos Postmoderno
Werwolf Ensemble & Grey Wolves: Awake!
Kristus Kut: The Dancing Ones
Current 93: Invocation of Almost
Tamerlan: Manipura (Evocation of Amon)
In Ruin: Always Faithful
:Golgatha: Garden of Love (v. II)
Night at Noon: Isabela
Miel Noir: Honigglut
Nekyia: The Wanderer
Jännerwein: Ewigkeit (demo)

~~~~ Interview with JÄNNERWEIN ~~~~~

Jännerwein: Klage (version)
Life's Decay: Valensky
Sturmast: The Regiment is Departing
Gnomonclast: We are the First
In Extremo: Le'or Chiyuchech
Garmarna: Klevabergselden
Schandmaul: Missgeschick
Der Blaue Reiter: Rera L'Anima del Vent
NeufLeMuet: Imaginary
Terry Earl Taylor: November 31st

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 22nd, 2009

H.E.R.R.:First Prince in Some Lower Court
Le Triste Sire: Dereliction (Instrumetale)
Collection D'Arnell ~ Andrea: L'Orniere
Kammer Sieben: Black Sun
D.B.P.I.T & Xxena: Alien Symbiosis (excerpt)
N.Strahl.N: Punkt II
Ure Thrall: Deark Deeds part I (excerpt)
Tor Lundvall: Alone
Jack or Jive: Stratum
Solanaceae: Through the Trees Spears the Sun

Interview with Kim Larsen from :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON:

:Of the Wand and the Moon: My Devotion Will Never Fade
Nebelkorona: Baumgespenster
Argine: Corpo et Anima (remix)
Jägerblut: Waldpracht
Strydwolf: August 1914
Ninth Desert: Phos
Masayuki Imanishi: Land II
Flutwacht: Untitled track #5 from "Herbstrost"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 15th, 2009

Darkwood: Heimatwald
Nature and Organisation: My Black Diary
Corde Oblique: La Quinta Ricerca
Jahrtal: Wilhelm von Winsburg
IRM: Two Bodies
Brandkommando: Puff
Deadwood: Null and Void
Azam Ali: El Rey de Francia
Love Spirals Downwards: Madras
Algiz: Les Seigneurs des Sentiers
Brillig: The Red Coats

~~~~ Interview with the Australian band: BRILLIG ~~~~~

Brillig: Phantom's Theme
Desiderii Marginis: The Sweet Hereafter
Apoptose: Blutopfer
Penjaga Insag: Tenangan
Luftwaffe: The Dead do not Revolt
Sword Volcano Complex: Spearheading the Academy
Verney 1826: Les Ombres, Marinette!
Rhesus Factor: The Source of Power

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 8th, 2009

Dunkelschön: Tusselullagulla
Annwn: Ay Linda Amiga
Värttinä: Lieto
Castus: Fifteen Men
Hop-Frog Drum Jester Devotional: Love in a Minefield
Fjernlys: Nocturnal Wine
Zilverhill: Corner Stone
Lux Interna: The Parting Song
Once a Barge: Kristall
In Scherben: Spiegel
Solblot: Medborgarsång
Mental Plastic Body Filler: Annoy Me Till I'm Happy
Genocide Lolita: Sharp Shooters
Die Weisse Rose: Nicht Schuldig

~~~~ Interview with Thomas Bojden of DIE WEISSE ROSE ~~~~~

Die Weisse Rose: At the Doorsteps of Our Temple
Blood Axis: The Gospel of Inhumanity
Laibach: F.I.A.T.
Phragments: Non Serviam
Error Genetico: At the Mountains of Madness
Voice of Eye: Succumb
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: The Touch and the Darkness

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 1st, 2009

Rose Rovine e Amanti: Ave Maria
Pilori: Thorsee
Death in June and Boyd Rice: Storm on the Sea (Out Beyond Land)
Werkraum: Die Letzte Jagd
Folkstorm: Feldgeschrei
Sistrenatus: Rusted Earth
Von Thronstahl: Heimatfreund und Staatsfeind
Arditi: That Day of Infamy
Dernière Volonté: PPF
Rome: To Die Among Strangers

~~~~ Interview with Jerome Reuter of Rome ~~~~~

Rome: Swords to Rust
Z'ev: Track 4 from "Sum Things"
Aleph Naught: The Dreams in the Witchhouse I
Frostwinter: Wolves Amongst the Ruins
Bleeding Heart Narrative: Black Glass
Liholesie: Stardust
Anni Hogan: The Hustler
Der Feuerkreiner: Der Morgen