Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aural Apocalypse July 22nd, 2009

H.E.R.R.:First Prince in Some Lower Court
Le Triste Sire: Dereliction (Instrumetale)
Collection D'Arnell ~ Andrea: L'Orniere
Kammer Sieben: Black Sun
D.B.P.I.T & Xxena: Alien Symbiosis (excerpt)
N.Strahl.N: Punkt II
Ure Thrall: Deark Deeds part I (excerpt)
Tor Lundvall: Alone
Jack or Jive: Stratum
Solanaceae: Through the Trees Spears the Sun

Interview with Kim Larsen from :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON:

:Of the Wand and the Moon: My Devotion Will Never Fade
Nebelkorona: Baumgespenster
Argine: Corpo et Anima (remix)
J├Ągerblut: Waldpracht
Strydwolf: August 1914
Ninth Desert: Phos
Masayuki Imanishi: Land II
Flutwacht: Untitled track #5 from "Herbstrost"

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