Saturday, April 28, 2007

Aural Apocalypse April 23rd, 2007

DJ Merrick

Reutoff: Black Mirror (Broken Glass)
Nothus Filius Mortis: Part 3 Oran Mor Trilogy
Con-Dom: Behind the Wall
Inner Glory: War is Forever
Backworld: A Vagrant Thought
Sol Invictus: Tooth and Claw
Current 93: Only Time
Von Thronstahl: Reisswolf
Wappenbund: Frieda (Dein Sind die Rosen)
Death in June: Flieger (LP Version)
Kirlian Camera: Mein Naechte Sind Heiser Zerschrien
Camerata Mediolanense: L'homme armé
Ohrenpeyn: Schönheit der Weibsbilder
Gae Bolg vs. Baby Fand
Qntal: Am Morgen Fruo
The Grey Wolves & The United States of Hell: 666: The Writings on the Wall
Sistrenatus: IV
Ex.Order: Death Pulse
Changes: Autumn Day
Orplid: Söhne Des Ares
Hekate: Heimfahrt
Argine: Immoto nel Vento
First Law: Master of the Universe

Aural Apocalypse April 16th, 2007

DJ Merrick

Leutha: Latio Aqua
Raison D'etre: Ascension de Profundis
Azam Ali: Ben Pode Santa Maria
Rukkanor: Hosanna in Excelsis
Helium Vola: Vagantebeichte
Of the Wand and the Moon: Gal Anda
Steve Von Till: Remember
Karnnos: The Womb of the Forests
Nobody: Giorno e Notte
Dernière Volonté: Le Poison
Tribe of Circle: Faiblir par la Chair
Luftwaffe: Jahada
Leger des Heils: Verkündigung
Vestigial: The Grey Constellation
Herbst 9: In the Vein of Perusa
Corvus Corax: Basileus
Violet: Der Saiten Silberklag
Värttinä: Mikä Miula Mielessä
Novo Homo: The Singer Who Fell from Grace With the Song
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (featuring Spiritual Front): Your Sex is the Scar
Fire and Ice: The Cause
Predominance: Lakehurst

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Aural Apocalypse April 9th, 2007

Due to Technical Difficulties, no podcast available for this date.

DJ Merrick

Tehom: Enantiodromia
MZ.412: The Winter of Mourning
Runes Order: Tragedy
Once a Barge: Homo Homini Lupus
Camerata Mediolanense: Balcani in Fiamme
Actus: Solipsismus Absolutus
Lupercalia: Il Lamento di Trissino
Engelsstaub: L'Appel de L'Ange
Changes: Icarus
Death in June & Boyd Rice: Black Sun Rise
In Gowan Ring: Rivertime Tome
Ulf Soderberg: Vargskymning
Megaptera: Hypnotic Fear
*****Interview with Louis Fleischauer*****
Aesthetic Meat Front: Invokation 4
The Days of the Trumpet Call: Awakening
Angels of Venice: A Chantar Mar
Love is Colder Than Death: Wanabi
Werkraum: Steh Auf Nord Wind
Unternehmen Dreizack: MTV & Brot & Spiele

Where Can I Find This Music?

Cold Meat Industry
Tesco Organisation
Cold Spring Records
Hau Ruck!
LOKI Foundation
Eis und Licht
War Office of Propaganda
Auerbach Tonträger
Old Europa Cafe
Cyclic Law
Soleilmoon Recordings



Thursday, April 5, 2007

Aural Apocalypse April 2nd, 2007

DJ Merrick

Nurse With Wound: Salt Marie Celeste (excerpt)
Musterion: Yang Tul
Blood Axis: Lord of Ages
Rome: Reversion
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud: Untitled tracks #10 & #11 from "Rest on Your Arms Reversed"
The Protagonist: Strife
Death in June: Rose Clouds of Holocaust
Graumahd: Die Letzte Nacht
Neither Neither World: Seven Kinds of Sin
Irfan: Stella Splendens
Nachtwindheim: Bacce Benevenias
The Merlons of Nehemiah: Romanoir
Sistrenatus: IX
Voxus Imp: Speermerkung
The Well of Sadness: La Marche
Darkwood: Der Falken Flug
Nature and Organisation: A Dozen Winters of Loneliness
L'Orchestre Noir: Eleven VI
Orchis: Come Unto Me
Clear Stream Temple: Al-Zawahri
Arcana: Wings of Gabriel