Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aural Apocalypse June 24th, 2009

Allerseelen: Horusknaben
The Young Gods: Brainforest No 2
Nobody: Thrown Stones
Les Paradisiers: More Tales from the Garden
Tethrippon: Andreios
~~~~ Interview with Max of Steinklang Industries ~~~~~
Sturmpercht: Der Marsch der Wampelerreiter
Forseti: Verzweiflung
~~~~ Interview with Stephan of Eis und Licht ~~~~~
Leger des Heils: Wie am Ersten Tag
Spiritual Front: Funeral Blues
Haus Arafna: New Skin Grafting
Stalingrad: Court-Martial
Inade: The Engine of the Mind
~~~~ Interview with Knut of Loki Foundation ~~~~~
First Law: beneath the Sea
Droefheid: Overblijfsel
~~~~ Interview with Harry of SkullLine ~~~~~
Neon Mussolini: Australia
Arcana: My Cold Sea
Faun: Nechein Man
The Blue Hour: Mirror of October

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